Landmark's custom-built computer systems

Landmark's custom-built computer systems
Landmark's custom-built computer systems

Personal Computers -- 21st Century engines of progress.

Individuals and companies alike need highly reliable PCs.  Landmark computers are designed with one purpose: to exceed your expectations.  We deliver the stable platforms you need, and help you migrate to next-generation performance smoothly and cost-effectively.

Benefit: You get maximum value for every dollar spent.

Built to order at major manufacturer prices

We can design a system as unique as you are. When you work with Landmark, you can choose from a wide variety of brand name products based on form factor, budget, or special technology or application. For example, pick a highly integrated solution such as onboard graphics, audio and LAN, or specify components to meet your particular needs.

We provide all necessary technical details for clients who want custom-built PCs. Some, for example, ask for specifics of the PC enclosures so that they can plan for placement of the computers. Here is a description of our quality system cases, provided to give clients an inside view of our equipment.

Benefit: You get the exact system you want without paying for unwanted features or incurring additional time rebuilding or reconfiguring a preconfigured system.

Quality assured

Landmark quality starts with a solid product line and flexible configurations. Our built-to-order solutions use the best components based on conservative design. We deliver technology that is just a step or two behind cutting-edge, so that you don't suffer from "first user" syndrome.

Benefit: You can count on computers that work properly and to your specification from the moment they are installed.

Familiarization, training, and support

Included in the price of each computer is an introduction to its features. We sit down with you and explain just what makes your Landmark PC so special, and how to use it to best advantage. Then we support you after the fact, by phone or in person, for as long as it takes for you to be comfortable with your equipment.

Benefit: You make full use of your investment, because you truly understand and know how to operate the equipment you paid for.

Technologies for specialized markets

Organizations that have special procurement or design requirements, such as proprietary interfaces, custom cases, or embedded technologies, find Landmark a valuable partner. Our focus on build-to-order systems based on your precise specifications mean that your kiosk, lab, workstation or controller equipment are configured to do just what you want from Day One, saving you time and money.

Benefit: No un-doing work to make preconfigured systems do what you want them to do.

Our company

  • Smart and caring: we understand you and your computing needs
  • Quick turnaround when required
  • Flexible configurations so you get exactly what you need
  • Custom software loads for fast deployment
  • Flexible packaging options for space savings
  • Comprehensive warranty programs, including on-site coverage.

Benefit: No chain store bureaucracy or long-distance sales rep or support team to wrestle with.

Warranty information

Labor is warranted for a year at Landmark's facility in Alexandria, Virginia. Components in our normal product line are warranted for a term of one year from the date of purchase. Some components are warranted for longer periods by their manufacturers. Non-stock, special, or custom-ordered components and peripherals are covered under their respective manufacturer's warranty.

Because each client has different support needs, Landmark offers a range of programs to meet them, including depot, parts only, and on-site plans.

Standard Warranty: All systems carry a one-year depot warranty, which covers service at Landmark's facility in Alexandria, Virginia.

Optional Three-year Depot Warranty: For additional peace of mind, you may upgrade the standard one-year warranty to a three-year depot warranty at a competitive price.

Cross-ship:: Get advance replacement of a failed component without the wait. We'll replace a part immediately, saving you time and money. Choose from one, two and three year options.

On-Site Warranties and Service Plans: The ultimate in support. We'll maintain the computers at your place, saving you the need to rip the computer away from the desk and carry it to us. If the computer requires service at our facility, we'll pick it up, fix it, bring it back, and install it for you. Contact us for details.

Benefit: Get -- and pay for -- just the level of warranty service you want and need.

The real thing

All Landmark computers that are preinstalled with a genuine Microsoft Windows operating system have a Certificate of Authenticity attached to the PC chassis. For more details click here.

Benefit: No license worries. No pirated software. No home-made installation disks. Just the real thing.

The bottom line

You have valuable peace of mind that each Landmark system will perform at the highest levels right out of the box, and that we will maintain it for you according to your needs.